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Our Tree Services at Lake of the Ozarks

Tree Removal

Our goal is to efficiently remove your tree with very little evidence that we have been there.  There are many ways to go about this, and we have several resources at our disposal.  If we can, we will set pull lines from the ground and fell the tree. Or, if we can get our self-propelled man lift close enough, we will use that for access and lower the tree in pieces.  If that’s not an option, we are experienced climbers and use ropes and rigging to remove it. If it is too large or in a difficult spot, we have used a crane and/or barge for removal. 

We try to be low impact as possible.  Our machines are all designed to be light on turf, and we make it a point to keep the heavy trucks and trailers on hard surfaces.

I am asked many times, “What does it cost to remove a tree?”  The 2 main factors that affect price is the size of the tree, and access.  I do not give pricing over the phone, as each job is different.  Fill out the form today, and I will call you to schedule a quote.

Tree Trimming

Maintaining proper clearances to structures is important, and that is the majority of our tree trimming jobs.  However, there are other reasons for trimming. 

If you have a house on the lake, ask us what we can do to improve your view while maintaining the health of the tree.  There are other options than topping!

Also dead wooding…Trees branches need sunlight to survive, and sometimes the canopy is so dense that the interior or lower branches get shaded out and die.  Those dead branches need removed, especially if they are over heavy use areas such as sidewalks, patios, or decks.  Removing dead branches also eliminates point of entry for insects, which carry disease.

Have you ever thought about getting your small trees trimmed?  Many times, if we could train the tree from the start it would eliminate problems later.  All trees benefit from this, especially ornamental and fruit trees.

Stump Grinding

We do offer stump grinding.  Ours is a self-propelled 4 wheel drive machine which we can drive into backyards to get to your stump.  We grind the stumps 6-8 inches below grade, and also the surface roots.  Generally we will leave enough chips to level the site and haul off the rest, but we can remove all chips so dirt and grass seed can be put back. 

Tree Cabling

 Ask us if tree cabling could help you save your tree!  We can fix trees with weak crotches or heavy side weight, and extend the life of old trees.  High tensile cable is used, and all hardware is galvanized for longevity.  Or if you have a tree that leans, and just want peace of mind…

Tree Health Services

We also offer tree injections, and deep root fertilizing.  We use the Arborjet system, and can protect trees from anthracnose, Dutch elm disease, emerald ash borer, fire blight, and more.  The owner maintains a spraying license to legally charge for these services. 

Tree Clearing

Are you needing some land cleared for more yard or a building site?  Once again, we take a low impact approach to protect the roots of the trees that we want to save.  Many times, the trees that are left eventually die due to the compaction of heavy equipment by our competition, and we offer an alternative.  If you are wanting to protect some large trees in your clearing project, we can help! 

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Please contact us with your tree questions!  To get a call back within an hour during business hours, fill out the contact form.  I receive that immediately, and will give you a call.  Or I can be reached at 573-789-2556. 

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